With accessibility issues, especially as you age, it’s smart to begin planning in advance. What will you need or have to consider? The earlier you think about it, the better.

Meet with True North for an Accessibility Renovation Project Estimate.

True North can help you develop optimal accessibility plans. We sit down with you to evaluate your project, and provide cost estimates. We’ve had to do it in our own home.

Future Cost of Care

In addition to planning for your accessibility modifications, True North Accessibility is heavily invested in working with your lawyer and insurers to prepare for the future cost of your care.

We will

  • Review documentation.
  • Interview you and any family members.
  • Consult with treatment providers to review recommendations.
  • Arrange for any additional information that may be required (updated attendant care assessments, for example).
  • Research services and costs.
  • Provide a report for the use of insurance providers and legal practitioners in maintaining your care.
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