Stairs are a hazardous obstacle for people with mobility limitations...

Having accessible stairs around your house can enable autonomous living and reduce hazards and challenges inside the home.

There are several different ways to make the stairs in and around your home safely accessible and attractive.

  • Accessibility and threshold ramps combine to eliminate barriers and slight changes to elevation in your home.
  • A stair lift provides a safe and reliable solution for individuals who have difficulty managing stairs. Stair lifts are a battery powered chair mounted to a rail that is used to carry the user up and down stairs.  Stairlifts are quiet, comfortable and easy to use. The track for the lift is installed on the stairs, not on the walls.
  • Grab bars or handrails can be useful in many areas of the home and not just inside the bathroom. When placed in thresholds that include a step or two, a grab bar provides support for anyone who might be unsteady on their feet.
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